You received an invitation in the mail to attend a wedding and the dress code is “Black Tie.” What do you wear? You have a job interview and you aren’t sure how to appropriately dress for the role you are interviewing for. Different events require different dress codes. Rocky’s Custom Clothes has you covered from top to bottom. This is your “Dress to Impress” guide for every occasion! 

Black Tie: Optional, Preferred, and Only

Simply put, black tie is semi-formal wear for evening events where you should expect to wear a dark suit or tuxedo. Is your event Black Tie Optional, Black Tie Preferred, or Black Tie? Black Tie Optional means the the event is still formal but your decision on attire is more flexible. You can wear either a black tuxedo or a dark suit. Black Tie Preferred means that you should wear a black tuxedo unless circumstances keep you from owning or renting one. At Black Tie Optional and Black Tie Preferred events, make sure to wear a dress shirt and a conservative tie. Unlike the other two, Black Tie events require a black tuxedo. This is one event that men should be dressed to impress. Pull out the cuff links and bow ties for this one! You may not be able to attend a certain event if you are not dressed appropriately! 

Business Dress

Less than nine percent of white collar workers dress in business formal attire. This type of style is the appropriate look for job interviews and more conservative professions. Business dress means tailored dark suits, dress shirt, and conservative ties.

Business Casual

This is becoming more popular among the workplace. Business owners want their employees to feel comfortable in the work place and make it a more casual environment. This dress consists of lighter color choices for pants with button down shirts, sport coats, collared short sleeve shirts, vests, or sweaters.

Casual Dress

This is also becoming a more popular type of dress code for the workplace. In this case, anything goes. This consists of casual pants and jeans, plan t-shirts or polo shirts, and sweaters.

If you can dream it, we can make it. Why buy off the rack when we can tailor your custom suit and other clothing to fit you perfectly. Meet with one of our wardrobe consultants for the best advice in selecting your custom clothing. At Rocky’s Custom Clothes, the smallest details make a world of difference!